Sunday, 18 September 2016

A New Master (or Two)

In most hobbyist lives, real life has a habit of getting in the way and stops us from doing what we enjoy. but with that some what under control i can return to painting on a regular basis and kick start this blog again. since my last post which was in the thick of the end times, A lot has changed. The warhammer world as we knew it, is no more. mighty hero's have fallen, some have remained and the god emperor himself has returned in this new age. the Age of Sigmar.

With the release of age of Sigmar rule set my undead have gone on hold as I'm not sure how to proceed with them at this current time, mean while the creative juices have been flowing with a new release from Games Workshop that immediately caught my eye. The Ironjawz. the new sculpts look amazing, really capturing the characteristics of an orruk - big, tough, brutal and ready to punch someone in the face.

After flicking through the battle tome and picking up a mega boss on foot and a box of brutes, I set to work - first up colours. I really liked the yellow scheme that the GW studio has used but as i already have 2 yellow armies for 40k. I wanted something different so i would burn out painting. I decided on Zedeks Weirdladz. One because i have never painted an orange army before so it would be a challenge for me and two because of the little blurb about them from the battle tome.

"Zedek's weirdladz are led by the Weirdnob shaman Zedek, who is well known for setting things on fire, mostly on purpose. The warclans orange and black armour makes the few inevitable burning orruks less distracting as their mobs charge into battle. "
Zedeks Weirdladz

weirdnob shaman battling Sylvaneth

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Update -

Work on the dark master continues. So far I have got the robes/spirits to a stage where I am happy, I only have the books swirling around to paint on that sub assembly. next up is the body only little details to complete, highlights. the picture below I have blu-tac his head and shoulder pad on just to show an idea of what he's going to look like. I have also started working on the other sub assemblies - the sword & scabbard, the backpack, staff and the book that goes in Nagash's hand.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

The dead Awaken

Robes & Spirits


Couple of WIP pictures of Nagash himself. Loosely following the video on GW's youtube Channel and the white dwarf at the time of the models release as a guide. Some great tips in both for Assembling and painting this beast. An amazing model and so far a pleasure to work on. I have assembled the model into a few sub assemblies as the video advises and I would recommend doing the same, it helps so much when you start to apply paint. I have gone with the open book and staff options of the build as I plan to make use of Nagash's amazing powers as a wizard. With help from the casket of souls and master of the black arts vampiric power I should be able to maximize the number of power dice each turn to raise more undead minions in my collection and cause headaches for my opponent.

Something stirs in the darkness.........

Under the airy gloom of the moon, whispers travel on the winds. Frightening and chilling to the bone when heard, they create fear and unrest in the inhabitants of the old world, living and dead. For the whispers are of the great necromancer himself, preparing his servants to carry out his bidding.....

And with those whispers this servant is blogging his journey through building and painting an undead horde lead by Nagash himself against all that oppose him.

Knowing thy foe....

My main adversaries will be of Eleven nature - the Asur, Asari and Druichi. To complicate things another force grows. Friend or foe is unclear at this stage, but can you really trust the servants of the horned rat.